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An integrated global supply chain and logistics platform where knowledge is shared for the benefit of the entire global supply network

To advance the supply chain and logistics sector through the creation and sharing of knowledge, innovation and sustainability

  • Our students and members come first.
  • We act with integrity and honesty.
  • Our goal is always for the betterment of our country and humanity. 
  • To grow and share our network globally.
  • To offer Knowledge that is relevant to the needs of the industry.
  • To continuously improve our offer
Our Aim

ASCAL Institute is an online learning platform, based in Australia. We provide learners with all essential resources and classes to start of their careers in the field of supply chain management. Unlike many, we offer our courses and services without a dedicated time limit allowing even the busiest of people to be able to use ASCAL and attain knowledge from professionals that work in the field of supply chain and procurement.

Our aim is to provide learners with not only the basics of supply chain and management but the real life applicability of the knowledge learned. Our courses are designed so that our students are able to take back the knowledge acquired from ASCAL and use it to build their careers. By achieving this we will be able to benefit individuals and the society as a whole, all involved the realm of supply chain.

We aim to grow and share our network globally while sharing expert knowledge relevant to the needs of the industry. ASCAL institute was formed primarily in response to industry around the world to cater towards enthusiasts interested in the realm of supply chain management.  We want to educate inexperienced learners about intricacies of the field for them to be able to use the knowledge and apply it into their careers. 

Why choose us?

Learn From Industry Leaders

All courses we offer are from experts in their fields.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our courses allow busy students to work and complete the courses in their own time.

Professional Certification

We offer certificates to ASCAL students after they have successfully completed their chosen courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Australian Supply Chain and Logistics (ASCAL) Institute?

The Australian Supply Chain and Logistics (ASCAL) Institute is a specialist training and research organisation. With its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, ASCAL Institute is incorporated with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

What are the benefits of using the ASCAL Institute to further your supply chain and logistics qualifications?

ASCAL training can significantly increase your employment and career prospects as each of our programs are created directly in response to the needs of organisations. We listen to industry leaders and managers, and develop courses to suit.

Who should take an ASCAL Institute Program?

Anyone who is currently involved in, or wishes to develop a career in supply chain and logistics, or a related field. This includes Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals and Managers, Warehouse Managers and Supervisors, Fleet Managers, Operations Managers, Inventory Managers, and Buyers. Related sector professionals 

Will there be a test or assessment during the training course?

It depends on which course you choose. Some of our courses involve a project assignment, others a multiple-choice examination, and some of our practical short courses do not involve an assessment at all.

What do I get when I take an ASCAL Institute training course?

In addition to receiving a set of skills that you can take back and immediately begin to implement in your workplace, each student receives extensive course notes, templates and reference materials, and upon completion, each student receives an official certificate of attainment.

What is the minimum level that must be achieved to qualify for formal certification?

Each course, where there are assessment criteria, varies and each course will explain the passing criteria in detail. Usually, students are given several opportunities to re-sit assessments should they fall short on the first attempt.

How much does a training course cost?

The fee for each course differs from one to another, and they also vary depending on the country of delivery. You can check the fee of each test by visiting the course list page.

Can ASCAL Institute provide tailor made training courses to corporate?

Yes, with our team of instructors and consultants, ASCAL Institute is qualified to consult with individual organisations to develop training courses that are specifically catered to the needs of the organisation. ASCAL Institute also offers market research and corporate advisory services.