ASCAL Institute

Our Privacy Policy

Date: 29 May 2021

Information we collect and how we use it.

ASCAL collects information when:

  • User signs up for a user account and when a user creates a profile.
  • A user enrols to an online course
  • A user purchases a product or service on ASCAL’s site.
  • A user sends emails or messages to ASCAL.
  • A user participates in surveys.

Personal Information that ASCAL collects includes:

  • At signup (Name, username, email address and other information a user chooses to share with ASCAL.)
  • Purchase related information and an ID that will be used to authenticate user with a 3rd party for the purpose of payment processing.

A user can voluntarily share additional personal information on ASCAL’s website on certain instances such as:

  • Applying for certificates
  • Emailing or messaging ASCAL.

If the user chooses to delete their ASCAL account, all data and information related to the user will also be automatically deleted.

ASCAL will permanently:

  • Deactivate your account
  • Remove current profile of the user from the ASCAL’s website and database.
  • Remove the user from ASCAL’s email list
  • Remove the username used by that user.

Why we collect your data?

All data that ASCAL retains is used to provide services that you may have requested, maintain records, comply with legal obligations that may arise as and when your data is required by the law or governing authority. We store your data to optimise user experience, viewing user interests’ helps us produce personalised services that meet your needs and requirements as accurately as possible. Data may also be retained to resolve any disputes that may arise or to enforce agreements between ASCAL and other third party organisation ASCAL may be affiliated with. For example we may share your information such usernames or profiles with our staff to provide you the needed services when requested.

In the case of ASCAL, all data that is collected from the users through various means is stored, regulated and processed by ASCAL. We do not share any user information to other third party organisations without the consent of our users. However, in cases where payment is required the user may be redirected to the payment processing third party organisation as ASCAL does not deal with user payments.

We aim to provide the best services to our users and a great personalised student experience. In order to achieve this, we may conduct necessary research on the data that is already provided to us or during surveys that we may conduct as you progress through our courses. We do this to ensure that we provide personal insights to a similar group of users that many may benefit from. All our research s only limited to ASCAL as of yet and we do not share any processed information to other third party or third party organisations.

External or third party links.

Any comments posted by you on ASCAL’s website may be recorded by any individual viewing it, thus please be cautious while posting any personal/private matters on the site. Also note that ASCAL will not be responsible for any misuse or damage to data that you may have provided to websites or emails that are unrelated to ASCAL. We advise you to read the privacy policy of the third party application or website you may have been redirected to, these third parties may or may not be affiliated with us and in any case we shall not be held responsible for any loss of your personal information in such cases.


ASCAL has a dedicated program designed to protect your personal information in our possession. We have certain policies and procedures that we use to protect your data including technical and materialistic measures. Albeit, no security measure is ever 100% secure and ASCAL cannot fully guarantee that measures we take will be most effective. In cases where a breach has occurred ASCAL institute will notify the users the necessary steps they need to take in that case. On the other hand, ASCAL management will try their best to mitigate the effects or risks of the damage that is done within its capabilities.

ASCAL is an Australian based business and thus we follow the Australian rules regarding data collection, retention and other relevant matters related to the OAIC and The Privacy Act.

Accessing your personal information

All ASCAL institute users have the right to request a change to their personal information in the case that the information is incorrect or an update is required in case of nationality IDs or other relevant information. In order to access,/amend/ update any part of your data stored with ASCAL please contact us through email at: or if there are any complaints or queries please contact us using our contact details present on our contact us page.

Changing Privacy Policy

Please note that we may make changes to this policy at any time, however an alert will always be made once we have updated any or every part of this policy. This alert may be sent to you through email and can be noticed on our pages. By signing up or using any of ASCAL’s services after the policy has been made you agree to the contents of this policy and terms. If you not agree to any of the above mentioned policies or our terms you should discontinue use of our services.


If there are issues regarding any part of the policy mentioned above please contact us through our contact form on the Contact Us page.